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Working with Titus Contracting on a remodeling project is a simple process. From start to finish, you will find our remodeling and renovation services to be exactly what you are looking for. If you have ever been curious about what it’s like to work with us on a remodeling project, you can finally get an inside look at the entire process. We recently added a new Videos page to our site, and the first videos we are featuring are Sub Zero and Wolf videos.

Sub Zero and Wolf appliances are among the most popular on the market today. They are high quality products offered at reasonable prices. So when ALL Inc. approached us about a commercial remodeling project they wanted us to do, we were all ears. The goal was to build the largest Living Kitchen display in the entire state of Minnesota and we were happy to oblige! The Living Kitchen allows customers to get hands-on experience with these appliances before they buy them.

The Sub Zero and Wolf videos are divided into a few different categories, making it easier to watch them in the order that is of the most interest to you. The categories are Partnering, Concept & Goals, Design & Process and Construction.

We find the Design & Process videos are especially informative because we use the same type of process on every remodeling job we do. The process begins with a review of our client’s dreams, goals, wants and needs for their space. We want to learn all of these things so we can do our best to make them happen. From there, depending on the budget of your remodeling project, we can either scale the project up or down. We try to factor in as many of your wants, needs, and goals as possible. Our end goal is to always do our best to make sure the end results match your vision as closely as possible.

Here at Titus Contracting, we make communication a priority. We want to be sure all of our clients know we will stay in communication with them throughout their entire remodeling and renovation project. We always strive to meet or exceed your expectations, and our goal is to build life-long relationships with all of our clients.

If you would like to learn more about Sub Zero and Wolf appliances, ALL Inc’s largest Living Kitchen display or any of our residential remodeling services in the Twin Cities, call Titus Contracting at (952) 444-2301 or contact us to Schedule a Consultation.