Minneapolis Fall Home Remodeling & RenovationsMinneapolis Fall Home Remodeling and Renovations for your kitchen

Fall is a great time for home remodeling and improvement projects. Here are some of the most popular projects Titus Contracting takes on during this time of the year:


Kitchen Remodeling

Fall is the start of the holiday season, and the precursor to one of the biggest holidays of them all: Christmas. Have you been dreaming of hosting your family and friends during the holidays, but felt you didn’t have the right kitchen set up for it? Team Titus can help you transform your space into the perfect kitchen to craft delicious holiday meals and host your loved ones. Upgraded appliances, better storage, and more efficient prep space will turn your kitchen into your favorite room in the house! The fall is a great time to get this done in time for celebrating the holidays. Your dream kitchen is sure to amaze and impress everyone! Learn more about our kitchen remodeling services.

Do you feel a chill if seated near your kitchen windows, or any room in your home for that matter? If your windows have excessive condensation or frost buildup during the colder months of the year, Titus Contracting’s project managers can help you solve those problems. Fall home upgrades in the Twin Cities metro often include installing more efficient windows that will increase the enjoyment of your home while decreasing your heating bills.

Skylights and Bay Windows

Adding natural light makes a dramatic difference to any room. It is something that many a Minnesota soul craves during closed-in winter months. It is not too late this fall to prepare your home’s mood for winter by bringing more daylight indoors. Most traditional windows add light at the wall level; skylights pour light into a home from above and are ideal in more private spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms.

If your home has felt too drab or dark in past winters, it may be that your house has too few windows. Obtaining the natural light and ventilation you long for, and need for good health and state of mind, is not that hard. A reputable home remodeler can quickly let you know what is feasible and get started.

While opening up a wall or roof may seem like a daunting prospect for homeowners, adding bay windows, roof windows, or inserting skylights can be a highly rewarding way to let the sunshine in. Additionally, these new windows can improve your home’s air quality, provide energy savings, and add stunning visual appeal while making it a brighter and more pleasant place to be.

Home OfficesBest Twin Cities fall home remodeling projects

More and more people are now working from home, which makes a home office a necessity. The fall is an ideal time to complete a home office project; before inclement winter weather and poor commuting conditions begin.

Creating a quiet, comfortable, and organized space is essential for productivity in a home office.

We suggest including organized storage (shelves, cabinets, etc.), excellent lighting, and ensuring your space is quiet and removed from distractions. We can help by creating for you a functional, well-designed home office where you’ll be able to get all your work done.

We can help you evaluate your remodeling options of updating your existing home to accommodate a home office space; or design a new garage and combined office building. A separate office or complete guest house on your homestead property may have more value than remodeling or putting an addition on your home. Putting this type of investment into your home may have significant payoffs versus the time and travel expenses of daily commutes to work on icy roads.

Bathroom Remodeling

Since there will be guests in and out of your home throughout the season, a bathroom remodel may be in order. Giving your bathroom a new look will be noticed – and appreciated – by residents and guests alike. Maybe you just want to update your guest bathroom, or perhaps turn your master bathroom into your own personal spa getaway to relax from the stress of the holidays. Either way, we can help. There are many wonderful features and design elements you can incorporate into a bathroom remodel. See for yourself by checking out bathrooms remodeled by Titus Contracting.

Adding heated flooring during a bathroom remodel will may make your Twin Cities home comfier. If you have lived in Minnesota long, you know the effects of wind chill coming off our northern lakes; they can make our temperatures feel 20 degrees colder and make it harder to get up in the morning! Electric radiant heated floors can be added to reduce getting-ready-for-work chills, or improve any room of your home by bringing extra warmth where you can enjoy it most.

Low-voltage underfloor heating systems can work well with any floor covering. Not only will it feel good to your feet, it works efficiently because the heat rises from the floor to the ceiling, giving you a nice, even comfortable heating source.

Basement/Lower-level Finishes

As the seasons change and the temperatures drop, we move from spending all our free time outside, back into our homes. Having extra space to expand into is a wonderful benefit, and lower level remodeling offers a multitude of different uses for that extra space. If you are hosting out of town loved ones, a guest bedroom and bathroom would be a useful way to use your lower level space.

If you have children, you might consider adding a playroom or a craft room to keep them entertained. You might also be motivated to keep those extra holiday pounds off by creating a fitness room/personal gym. Another great way to finish your lower level is to turn it into a cozy theater room where the whole family can snuggle up to enjoy a good movie! The options are endless and we are happy to help you with however you choose to finish your basement/lower level.

Foundation Insulation

In addition to reducing your home’s heating costs, a well-insulated foundation makes below-grade rooms more comfy while reducing moisture glitches, insect invasions, and radon infiltration. Newly constructed homes or home additions can utilize construction techniques that deliver on foundational structure and insulation benefits like insulating concrete forms and insulating concrete blocks.

While exterior walls are constructed, many builders insulate the outside of foundation walls before backfilling. Existing homes that want to eliminate damp basement problems may add this form of foundation insulation while excavating around an exterior wall and re-landscaping. We can manage the challenges of basement waterproofing and give your home the benefit of added insulation this fall.

Vacuum excavation methods reduce residential landscape impact.

Fall Roof Installation and Repair

The cold of our Minnesota winters can stir up trouble if your home already has a small roof leak. If any indications of a roof leak have surfaced, the fall season is the perfect time to have it assessed by a professional and be remedied in advance of the first snowfall. It will also put your home in good order for next spring’s rainy weather. We only enlist the services of the most experienced and professional roofing crews so you can rest assured that the fix is done quickly, correctly, and safely the first time.

Roof installations in the Twin Cities are a common necessity. Northern winter blizzards and the fact that we reside in the coldest average annual temperature out of all major US metropolitan areas, forces metro homeowners to keep an eye on the health of their roof. Your roof may be subject to harsh hailstorms, ice damming, heavy snow accumulation, and gale-like winds. August through mid-October are months ideal for ensuring that your home has a roof overhead that protects your residential real estate investment from such elements and keeps you happily snug inside.

Add on a Deck or 3-Season Porch

Both a deck and a 3-season porch can extend your home’s living space and complement your home’s exterior lines. Adding on to your home doesn’t have to mean fully enclosed spaces. Many northern homeowners find it a worthwhile investment as it transitions their home from its interior rooms to enjoying exterior living spaces. Outdoor fireplaces make these elements of your home more functional and pleasurable during fall’s cooling off months. Titus Contracting will manage every aspect for your, from getting a permit, planning, to final inspections.

If the wood of your existing deck or porch is splintering, the finish is dull, or the rails are less secure than in their original condition, fix the issue before fall’s end. “A buyer who sees a dirty deck that’s in disrepair may sour their feelings about your house, and even if they still want to buy your home, they will certainly use it as a negotiating point,” says Eby.

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