Lower Level Remodeling Twin Cities

One of the best ways to utilize all of the space in your home is through lower level remodeling. Twin Cities homeowners trust Titus Contracting for all of their renovation needs, and we have helped plenty of your friends and neighbors with their lower level remodeling projects!

Why not give us a call to find out more about our remodeling services and how we can turn your dark basement into a home office, playroom, in-law suite or anything else you can think of!

There are plenty of reasons you should consider lower level remodeling for your next home improvement project:

Because load-bearing walls, the foundation and other important structural elements are already in place, lower level remodeling is often a more budget-friendly home renovation. We don’t have to worry about laying a foundation or building new walls. So that aspect of the renovation process is already taken care of.

Basements generally offer a lot of space that we can work with. And we can turn that space into just about anything you want. We will incorporate as many of your design ideas as possible into the final plans for your lower level remodeling project, so you will end up with the lower level you have always wanted!

Titus Contracting is capable of handling lower level remodeling projects of all sizes. So whether you have a smaller amount of space to work with or a much larger area, we can help.

There are plenty of lighting options on the market today, so you don’t have to worry if your basement doesn’t get any natural light. Recessed lighting and track lighting are excellent sources of light for your entire basement.

Just give us a call to learn more about lower level remodeling and to get on our schedule!

Your Lower Level Remodeling Consultation

When you call us about lower level remodeling, we will first come to your home for a consultation. We will listen to what you want and need out of your new basement space.

After you approve our conceptual plans, we can begin to work on your home improvement project. We tackle the messy grunt work and you tackle the fun work: picking out new accessories, lighting fixtures, carpeting, paint colors and more for your new lower level!

Learn More about Lower Level Remodeling

Do you want to learn more about lower level remodeling in Twin Cities? Call Titus Contracting at (952) 444-2301 or Schedule a Consultation.