Kitchen Renovation Burnsville

Burnsville Kitchen Renovation
Kitchen Renovation Burnsville

Are you looking for a remodeling company to help with your kitchen renovation in Burnsville? Titus Contracting can help!

We have helped many of your friends and neighbors with their kitchen renovation projects. And we don’t just handle the construction aspect either. We also take care of designing it with your input. We will meet with you to discuss exactly what you want and need out of your kitchen renovation.

Plus, we even take care of hiring subcontractors and getting all of the necessary work and construction permits. That way, you don’t have to stress out over these details. Your attention is freed to pay attention to the fun details, like picking out new lighting fixtures and other accessories for your new kitchen!

Designing Your Kitchen Renovation

Our design process here at Titus Contracting is simple and straightforward. We meet with you to discuss your kitchen renovation, design ideas and budget. We write up and estimate and scope of work.

After all of these aspects are finalized, we give you conceptual plans so you know exactly what to expect from your kitchen renovation. You can tell us what you like and don’t like, and we can tweak the plans according to the feedback you give us.

From there, after we hire your subcontractors (and you get a chance to meet with them and ask questions) and after we get the necessary permits, we can begin the renovations. You get to pick out fixtures like faucets, lighting and more for your new kitchen. We will get to work, and you can rely on us to take care of the renovations quickly and efficiently.

Soon enough, you and your family will be enjoying your new kitchen!

Let’s Start Your Kitchen Renovation Now!

Learn more about a new kitchen renovation in Burnsville. Call Titus Contracting at (952) 444-2301 or you can Contact Us.