How to Plan Your Kitchen Renovation

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So you are starting to plan your kitchen renovation for your Eden Prairie home. Maybe you have a few ideas in mind, but you aren’t sure where to start. Here are a few suggestions on what to think about when designing your new kitchen.


What do you need out of your new kitchen? Do you need more space for preparing meals? Do you want more space to entertain? Have you always wanted a wine cooler or an extra oven? Start looking at photos of other people’s kitchens to get ideas and inspiration for your kitchen renovation. Keep them all in one place so you can look at them for future reference. You might want to refer back to them when you are working with us and planning your kitchen renovation.


After you have thought about what you want in your kitchen renovation, take a look at your budget. What can you afford to splurge on, and what do you want to try to save some money on? If you really want that wine cooler, maybe you can swing it if you don’t get the extra oven. A kitchen renovation company like Titus Contracting will always do our best to stay within your budget. You should also have a time frame in mind, but remember it’s important to stay flexible with your timeline.


Now that you have an idea of what you want and how much you can spend, start looking at specific features for your new kitchen. If you have always loved granite countertops, now is a great time to look into them further for your kitchen renovation. Start looking at samples online and start getting an idea of the style or pattern you’d like for your new kitchen. The same goes with your cabinetry, backsplash and flooring. You can even start looking at smaller fixtures, like lighting and cabinet door knobs. The more you know about what you want in your new kitchen renovation, the easier the design process can be.

We hope this gives you a few jumping off points for your kitchen renovation design plans and ideas. Of course, when you work with us at Titus Contracting, we can help with all aspects of your kitchen renovation from start to finish.

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