Home Remodeling Company Eagan

Home Remodeling Company EaganCountless among your colleagues have sought the help of our home remodeling company in Eagan, with their residential remodeling projects. Call us to hear about what we can do improve your existing home.

We at Titus Contracting are talented at all things home renovations. If you want a new kitchen or if you just want to update your bathroom, our home remodeling company will help and get you excited about your home again.

We are passionate home remodeling company, that fervor shining through in every single project we complete. We can assist in designing the perfect room or addition. We will even help in securing work permits for the construction and all things in between. We are with you every single step of the way. In hiring our home remodeling company, you get a qualified team that will steer you through the oft-complicated progression that is home renovations.

Home Remodeling Company Design Process

When you bring your project to our home remodeling company, we will begin by meeting with you to discuss your goals for the project. We will gather dimensions and keep in touch throughout the process so we can be sure to design and carry out your vision, providing the perfect St Paul home improvement project to meet your lofty and justified standards.

We will provide you with a preliminary scope of work and an approximate investment range. The design phase then gets underway and our home remodeling company will supply you with updated floor plans and the like so you can begin to see your home renovation project take shape! This will be your encouraged opportunity to advise us anything that does not sit well with you or that you do not like in general. We then have a finalized plan.

An open house is scheduled for all of our individual subcontracting companies, your opportunity to meet them, ask questions and even answer any questions they may have for you.

Titus Contracting will then begin to collect bids. You will be picking out fixtures and other accessories for your new renovations!
Finally, we’ll finalize a schedule and then your home renovation project will get underway!

Hire Our Home Remodeling Company

For more information on our home remodeling company in Eagan, contact us or call Titus Contracting at (952) 444-2301 or you can Schedule A Consultation.