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No matter what kind of Bloomington home renovation you are looking for, we have you covered. Working with us is easy and straightforward.

Have you run out of room for rooms in your house? Does dad want a den? Mom a mess room? Have you thought about renovating and finishing your lower level to an updated basement living space? If it is a home office, an entertainment area, a home theater—anything you can think of, Titus Contracting, can get the basement remodeling Bloomington job done. We are your ideal choice for basement remodeling in Bloomington. “Many basements in Bloomington are cold, dank, plain, cement spaces with basic home utilities such as a furnace, water heater and washer, and dryers.

Basement remodeling generally differs from what is typically called finishing a basement space because it typically refers to the altering or changing of an existing space. These areas have a great potential to be renovated and expanded with functional and beautiful basement living, entertainment or workspaces.

Although the average cost of basement remodeling projects can be significant, according to an article in Home Advisor, “your potential return on investment is just as considerable. In addition to adding to your living space, the average basement remodeling project also increases your home’s resale value. The National Association of Realtors considers basement remodels to be among the most valuable home renovations.”

We stay in touch too, great communicators that keep you in the loop of all developments, the flow of your basement remodel project from start to finish!

Lower Level Finishing Bloomington, MNBasement Remodeling Bloomington Minnesota

What is the most sought-after feature when looking for a new home? A finished basement of course!

A basement that is completely finished offers added space for entertaining, pursuing hobbies, or for guests to sleep. A finished basement not only provides added space for a growing family but can also add value to your home.

The experts at Titus Contracting can provide basement refinishing and design ideas to finish your lower level and turn it into a guest suite, playroom, home office or anything else you can think of. Our design team will come up with a plan for your lower level finishing project that you and your family will love, and our construction and remodeling crew will expertly turn those plans into reality.

The squad of professional home remodelers we have assembled has completed a myriad of construction projects for homeowners just like you, high-quality of every step during basement remodeling, on time, under on budget and just like you want it.

How does Titus Contracting begin the Lower Level Finishing Process?Titus Contracting begins the Lower Level Finishing project in Bloomington MN

The process of basement remodeling starts with your consultation. First, we will come to your home to talk to you about your plans for your new basement, and then we will begin to design your new space! At this appointment, you will share with us your grandiose vision for the lower level you have long wanted. Draw pictures, plot diagrams, take a stab at creating blueprints. We will use as many of your ideas as possible in our design in order to make it a truly customized space. If you cannot quite plot out your ideal basement, share what you find in videos or print—anything to ensure that your vision matches our design and ultimate output.

After a few meetings, the design team will assemble and produce a 3D rendering of your desired lower level, as well other conceptual plans which we will provide to meet your final approval. The basement remodeling will then get underway, applying your ideas to architectural practice, producing the finished lower level that you have always sought.

We will handle all of the other tasks that come along with the basement remodeling project: getting the subcontractors, required building permits and the like lined up. The work then begins, our primary focus being that it all gets done on budget and on time. You will fill this stretch with more enjoyable activities like picking out new fixtures, accessories and decorations for your new lower level!

Bloomington MN Basement Remodeling by Titus Contracting

For a long time now, Titus Contracting has been a trusted name in basement remodeling and a variety of other home improvement services. Our team will show up to do the work promptly, as scheduled, and you will always be informed of where we are in your basement remodeling project.

We are also a basement waterproofing contractor, we will ensure your basement egress windows are sealed properly because they are more susceptible to cold, allowing draughts, moisture, and frost to get in through small cracks in the frame of the window. Egress windows are necessary in case of emergency and must comply with code which we will advise you on during out walk through and you can download the “Egress Escape Windows Information Sheet” provided by the City of Bloomington, MN.

We can take on your lower level finishing project and transform it into the space you’ve always dreamed of. Whether you are looking to remodel your entire basement or just a single guest room, we’ve got you covered. Soon enough, you and your family will be enjoying your new basement! There isn’t much we can’t do to the lower level of your house, so let us know what you are looking for. We will do our very best to turn your dreams into a reality.

No matter what you decide for your lower level finishing project, our design team will collaborate with you to ensure your project meets your needs and wants, and fits within your budget.

Titus Contracting is a professional remodeling company that can help with home renovation in Bloomington and throughout the surrounding areas. Our entire team is here to make sure you get the exact renovations you want: done right the first time.

Home Renovation Bloomington

Titus Contracting is a professional remodeling company that can help with home renovation in Bloomington and throughout the surrounding areas. We do more than just offer beautifully finished basement remodeling project.

Titus Contracting LLC Remodels:

  • * Kitchens
  • * Bathrooms
  • * Lower levels
  • * Theater rooms
  • * And more!

We can also put additions onto a home as well as rolling in the efficiency of other home remodeling servcies.

Home Additions Bloomington with New Basement Living Space

Is your family growing? Are you looking to enhance and expand your current home with added space? A home addition is likely the best choice for you. It is essential you find a renowned company you can trust to design and build your addition beautifully and professionally. At Titus Contracting we specialize in residential remodeling, new construction homes and home additions in Bloomington.

Benefits of a Basement/Home Addition
Home Addition Bloomington MN  with new basement living space

There are several different reasons home additions are such a great idea. Not only are they more cost-effective and less stressful than moving, but they can also be fully customized to meet the needs of you and your family. In fact, there are plenty of reasons home additions are a great option for a growing family, including:

  • * Home additions are a great way for a growing family to get more space.
  • * You can customize the space to your family’s specific wants and needs. So new basement space will be unique to you and your family.
  • * Home additions are more cost-effective and less stressful than moving.

As well as adding expanded basement living space, you can do just about anything when designing your home addition. So whether you need space for an in-law suite or a new home office, a home addition will give you the added room you need.

These are just some of the reasons to choose a home renovation with Titus Contracting, named as one of the top Bloomington MN home renovation companies. We will first meet with you to go over your project and to get a better idea of what you want and need. We can provide conceptual plans so you know exactly what your finished product will look like./p>

The timeline for your basement/home addition project will mostly depend on the scope of work and how big of an addition it is. You can rest easy knowing Titus Contracting, is handling the job! No matter what kind of home renovation you are looking for, we have you covered. Working with us is easy and straightforward, and we will be in constant communication with you about your home renovation project and where things stand.

Home Basement Remodeling Bloomington Project Development Agreement

No matter what kind of home renovation you are looking for, we have you covered. Working with us is easy and straightforward, and we will be in constant communication with you about your home renovation project and where things stand.

Why not give us a call today to learn more about home renovation and all we can do for you? We will set up a time to come to your home for your consultation where we can discuss your remodeling project in greater detail. We recommend that you download the Consultation Questionnaire and fill that out before our visit. The questionnaire is there to help us figure out what you want out of your home improvement project, and it will help us learn more about the ideas you have for your new space.

After your consultation is over, we will come back to take measurements and dimensions and to discuss your home renovation project even further. Our designer will get even more details about what you want and need, and we can then start to determine a scope of work and estimate for your project. We then put all of this information in writing for you to review and approve, and we finalize the project by signing a Project Development Agreement. Our designer then puts together conceptual plans for you so you will get an excellent idea of what the finished product will look like. You tell us what you like and don’t like, and we will continue to tweak these plans until you are fully happy.

Our team then works with our subcontractors to make sure we get the best possible crew together for your home renovation project, and you will also have a chance to ask them questions as well. You will then go out and start the fun process of selecting the items for your new space: fixtures, faucets, paint colors, cabinets, countertops and more. We will get the required construction permits and then we finalize the schedule for your remodeling project.

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